A Lifestyle of Love: Jasminia AS.

 Article by Jeff Wallace

"We are honored to celebrate the beautiful Arabian horse and are passionate about breeding. Being part of the evolution of the Arabian horse, remaining true to the breeds qualities, and sharing the experience with friends, family, breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts, is a lifestyle and a joy. The Arabian horse is a lifestyle experience like none we have experienced.”

     ----- Joe and Kim Orr of Rose City Arabians


Jasminia AS

By Soul of Marwan AS by Marwan Al Shaqab and RD Challs Angel by Magnum Chall x Jasmine Love NA by WH Justice and JFN Captive Love by Padrons Psyche and JJ Pretty Moment by *Moment, by *Salon.

2017 Bay Mare

Bred by Arabian Soul Partners, in Mexico.  (Dear friends of Joe & Kim Orr)

Owned by the Orr's of Rose City Arabians in America.


  • 2020 Scottsdale International Gold Champion Junior Mare
  • 2021 ABWC Supreme Gold Champion Senior Mare (at the tender age of four)


Both important wins were won alongside gifted handler, Rodolfo Guzzo of Royal.


Jasminia is, without a doubt, a lifestyle mare for Joe and Kim. Her ethereal beauty, four cornered trot and panache fixate you, prior to hello. She floats around the arena with that ‘Look at Me’ style, that only a few special ones really have. Jasminia AS has style in spades and should she have the time to go Tulsa-way, she will be packing her trunk with all of it. The fancy title of United States National Champion Senior Mare is awfully tempting. But we shall see…it is hard for Joe and Kim to have her leave the farm.


SOUL OF MARWAN - Jasminia's sire


Jasminia is part of Rose City's prized broodmare band and is busy creating future champions. Rose City Arabians tried something new this year: With a lovely bay filly by her side (Joie Di Vie) by their syndicated stallion Aria Rakeem, they were able to produce two more Rakeem embryos’, which are currently frozen to be introduced to recipient mares in 2024. 

 Joie Di Vie - Jasminia's filly by Aria Rakeem


It is Rose City Arabians fervent desire to have a band of daughters by their stallion Aria Rakeem. Aria Rakeem is owned in partnership with some very lovely friends and breeders. A partnership that brings joy, friendship, and comradery to the Orr’s life.


JASMINE LOVE - Jasminia's dam


 CAPTIVE LOVE - Jasminia's grandam

Aria Rakeem is the epitome of an Arabian stallion, with stats to back him up:  2023 Scottsdale Unanimous Senior Champion Stallion | 2023 Scottsdale Unanimous 4-6 Champion Stallion | 2022 Unanimous Champion Arabian Breeder Finals Senior Supreme Champion Stallion and about to enter the ring in 2023 for United States National Champion Jr Stallion.


 Aria Rakeem - Joie Di Vie sire


Back to the growing family of Jasminia AS.

Jasmina’s first foal, owned and bred by Synergy Group headed by Michael Weinstein, is a 2021 colt by the hot-on-fire stallion Atticus ENB, a grey colt (Janus ENB) that several feel rivals even the quality of his father. How could Rose City Arabians say no when one of the best breeders in the Arabian Horse industry, Michael Weinstein asked if he could purchase an embryo? Well, Synergy Group has the prize of breeding the first foal by Jasmina and Rose City Arabians will cheer Synergy Group on whenever this fine colt enters the ring!


Janus ENB - Atticus ENB x Jasminia AS


Oh, the bay filly by her side? This 2023 filly is a beautiful representation of her sire, Aria Rakeem, and her mother. Carrying qualities from both parents, Rose City Arabians couldn’t be more pleased with Joie De Vie Rose.

 WH Justice - Jasminia's grandsire


As Rose City Arabians continues to compile what they feel will be a strong, generational breeding program, they realize more than ever that this is a lifestyle, rewarding and grounding. From their boutique ranch in Ridgefield WA, they love nothing more than watching mares & babies graze in the fields. Joe and Kim have traveled the world and now have life long friendships on almost every continent and ALL because of the Arabian horse. There is no finer way to live life than walking through it with a Rose City Arabian.

 Jasminia AS