The Ultimate Trail and Obstacle Course Experience

At Rose City Arabians, our passion for horses led us to the mesmerizing world of Extreme Trail courses, inspired by the legendary Mark Bolander, the mastermind behind some of the world’s best courses across several continents. Watching the symbiotic relationship between horse and in-hand technician left both Kim and me in awe, sparking a vision for our own Arabian paradise.

Recognized as the most versatile breed, the Arabian horse thrives in environments that challenge and build their confidence. We realized that creating such a dynamic space was essential for fostering the bond and skills we desired in our Rose City Arabians.

Determined to bring this vision to life, we enlisted Mark to design and construct an extreme obstacle and trail course within our 2-acre park. The result was a masterpiece of equestrian engineering: two types of moving bridges, a stationary bridge, teeter-totters, 360-degree rotating squares of various sizes, narrow walk planks, gate openings, feet awareness fields, and multiple water features. This intricate array of obstacles set the stage for our educational journey—one that's just beginning!

Our young horses particularly benefit from this thoughtfully designed course. The slow, gentle yet direct training required a higher skill set than we initially anticipated. Mark’s unparalleled expertise continues to be invaluable, and we eagerly anticipate his ongoing guidance. The techniques in building confidence and ultimately training horses to navigate these extreme obstacles—without a bridle—are nothing short of extraordinary.

We invite friends to join us in this thrilling experience. Every rider must first guide their horse in-hand over any chosen obstacle before riding, making for highly entertaining and rewarding sessions. Of course, no adventure at Rose City Arabians is complete without a toast—beer and champagne are essential companions as we celebrate each conquered challenge!