Five Generations of Sheer Beauty; RL Mahaliaa At Rose City


"We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen."

 RL Mahaliaa at 2 yrs of age.

By RL Ecuador by ZT Faa'iq by Anaza El Farid and to *Serenity Sonbolah and from RL Saffron by WH Justice x RL Samsara by RL Artique by Al Adeed Al Shaqab and RL Samarah by Om El Abadan by *Camargue to Burkan to Skowronek. 

Grey filly - Born in 2021 

Bred by Redwood Lodge Arabians in Europe.

Owned by Rose City Arabians in America.

We thank the photographer here - Johanna Ullstrom

 RL Mahallia

It all started in 2022 when Joe and Kim Orr of Rose City Arabians bought the beautiful Sarra Aljassimya. She is a maternal granddaughter of Redwood Lodge Saffiqua, a mare that has created a beautiful family at Aljassimya. Now Sarra is busy creating an impressive family for Rose City. 

Sarra Aljassimya

Cut to the Summer of 2023 and Kim and Joe find themselves in France on a month long European breeding farm extravaganza with Bart Van Buggenhout and friends and breeders Carol and Stuart Nierenberg of Silver Box Southwest. They were dying to see the world class mares of Redwood Lodge in France. What they didn't expect was to fall in love with a stunning young filly named RL Mahaliaa. But they did, and to make a long story short she would soon be a wonderful new addition to the females of Rose City.


RL Mahaliaa is a white and haunting beauty with big black eyes and very clean lines. She carries herself like the aristocracy that she is and represents, as Redwood Lodge is known the world over for its top tier mare band and the exquisite offspring they have gifted the breed with, time and time again. One of the more vastly known of the mares is RL Saffron, one of the most beautiful WH Justice daughters in the entire world and both Sarra Aljassimya and RL Mahaliaa have a close up and direct line to the ethereal Saffron. These mares represent the original Golden Cross of Spanish/Egyptian blood. There is such beauty in this blend as we also see in the Om El Arab program.


To invest in fillies such as RL Mahaliaa is to ensure a wonderful and successful future. Being open to the unexpected in the realm of breeding Arabian horses displays a wisdom and foresight, further strengthening the foundation of the Rose City breeding program. This time it is evidenced by the elegant RL Mahaliaa. May she thrive. 


Jeff Wallace