Rose City Mares in foal with FILLIES for 2019 :)

Choosing stallions for these special mares is a very exciting and fullfilling task. As a breeder,  we feel we must travel the world as students if we are to create a world class unique bloodstock that bares our farms name.

Researching the perfect pair is one of the things we enjoy most about this wonderful lifestyle. Both Enotri EEA and Shanghai EA offer powerful attributes from generations of world champions. Both have had world class offspring -  both stallions were chosen with much depate and assistants from some of the greatest breeders around the globe. A special thank you to the wonderful passionate world class breeders whom offered many mindful conversations and shared their knollege and experience - time will now tell...:)

Update! Estella Di Enzo is confirmed with a filly by Shanghai EA....YESSSSSS~ UPDATE - IT'S A FILLY!

Update! Ajmanda (Ajman Moniscione) is confirmed in foal with a filly by Enotri EEA....Lucky!!!!